"If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in the way a child can learn."
- Ignacio Estrada

A Unique Pre-School Experience

Infancy is the stage where children develop and learn more than any other stage, rapidly growing cognitively, emotionally, and physically

creative kids pre school infant program

Infant Care

Our new "Snuggle Bugs" class is totally dedicated to caring for our babies 3 months old to 12 months old. This program is basically run by the needs and wants of these tiny angels who are new to this world. We have 2 caring teachers at all times with 7 babies. The goal of the program is to create a warm, accepting, and stimulating environment that promotes the rapid growth of your baby.

Our "Snuggle Bugs" room is a nurturing environment set up to encourage and ensure the safety and growth of your little one. Since these babies all have their own feeding and sleeping schedule, the teachers stay focused on keeping everyone healthy and happy.

Full Day

Creative Kids' full-day pre-school is licensed to serve children aged 3 months to 6 years old. Our program operates on a twelve-month basis, Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Each program is designed to provide a safe, warm, and consistent environment for the child, with ample opportunity for discovery, stimulation, and enrichment.

Our programs stress areas of competence such as language development, creative expression, concept formation, recognition of relationships, along with fine and gross motor coordination skills. Active involvement with materials helps children develop a sense of self-confidence.

To better meet the children's needs, we have divided our daycare program into groups according to age.

A typical Full Day at Creative Kids:

  • Free Play and Socialization
  • Meals: Morning and Afternoon Snacks, and Lunchtime
  • Circle Time: Attendance, Job Chart, Calendar, Stories
  • Outside Time and Gross Motor
  • Nature Activities
  • Individual Books on Mats
  • Rest Time. Early Risers and Quiet Activities
  • Our Schedule is Flexible and is Subject to Variations, Depending on the Seasons and the Daily Needs and Moods of the Children


This program is specially designed for children aged 12 months to 33 months, just before they reach preschool age. The program runs year-round, Monday to Friday, from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Toddlerhood is a stage when children learn by experiencing their world and immersing themselves in their environment.

Our teachers' guide and direct activities as each child explores and investigates the world around them. Through the development of coordination and increasing independence, the twaddler will mature into a self-sufficient preschooler.

A Typical "Twaddler" Day at Creative Kids:

  • Supervised Choice Time Includes Blocks, Sand Table, and Dramatic Play
  • Self-directed Activities Include Puzzles, Push-pull Toys, and Other Games to Develop Motor Skills
  • Circle Time, Including Songs, Stories, and Finger Play
  • Teacher-directed Activity to Include Curriculum-based Projects
  • Outdoor Play or Gross Motor Activities
  • Nap Time of 2 Hours
  • Meals: Morning and Afternoon Snack, and Lunchtime
  • Toilet Training


Creative Kids is here for you year round.

Our school year programs operate from September to June focusing on academics and social skills. Parents can check out our weekly lesson plans that are posted in each room for the curriculum.

Our summer adventure begins in July with weekly fun events throughout the summer time.


September 2022 - August 2023 No Classes:

  • Sep 5, Labor Day
  • Oct 10, Columbus Day
  • Nov 24 & 25, Thanksgiving Recess
  • December 26, Christmas Observed
  • Jan 2, New Year's Day Observed
  • Feb 20, President's Day
  • Apr 7, Good Friday
  • May 29, Memorial Day
  • Jul 4, Independence Day